Conference Presentations - Friday Morning


8:45 - 9:45 am

PLENARY What Does it Mean to Be an Immersion Teacher? - Roy Lyster (Presentation)
Introduction: Jane Hacking, Co-Director L2TReC

10:00 - 11:50 am

SYMPOSIUM 1 Border Crossing: Immersion Teacher Educators Share Successes & Challenges
Diane Tedick, Siv Björklund, Joseph Dicks, Alohalani Housman, Paula Kristmanson, Magalay Lavadenz Gwyn Lewis

10:00 - 10:50 am

Embassy of Spain - María José Fabre González, María Pedrosa, and Sonia Cabrerizo

Is Interculturality Relevant in Immersion Programs? - Ruta Couet, South Carolina Department of Education; Jacque Van Houten, Jefferson County Schools (Presentation)

Making the Legislative Process Work for Immersion Learning - Terri Hammatt, Louisiana Dept. of Education; Charles Larroque, CODOFIL; Nicole Boudreaux, Lafayette Parish School System (Presentation)

Mandarin Language and Literacy Development in Early Total Immersion - Tara Fortune, CARLA; Molly Wieland, Hopkins XinXing Chinese Immersion Program; Ping Peng, University of Minnesota

The Formula for Successful Language Immersion at Home and Abroad - Hélène Vincent, EF Education First

Assessing the Academic Learning of Utah Students in Dual Language Immersion Programs - Johanna Watzinger-Tharp and Zach Mayne, University of Utah; Kristin Lee Swenson, Utah Education Policy Center (Presentation)

Utah French Dual Language Immersion: Bridging Academics and French/Francophone Communities - Anne Lair, University of Utah; Kaye Murdock, Utah State Office of Education

Immersion + STEM + Career and Technical Education = Advocacy with New Audiences - Jon Valentine, Gwinnett County Public School, GA

“Reading-3D” Tests in German and French Translations – Challenges and Insights Into a Trilingual Research Study and Applied Performance Analysis - Bernd Nuss, E.E. Waddell Language Academy

Flipping the Script in Immersion - Sarah Thomas and Lysianne Essama, Prince Georges County Public Schools

Supporting Struggling Learners in a Dual Language Program - Veronika Lopez-Mendez, San Diego Unified and ATDLE

11:00 - 11:50 am

A Superior Chinese Language Teacher Education Model— 1+2+X Model of Minzu University of China - Professor Wu Yinghui, Minzu University, Beijing China

Bridging Academic Traditions to Build Multilingual Communities - Julie Sugarman, Center for Applied Linguistics

Chinese Immersion Programs in the U.S. Educational Landscape: Emergence, Vitality, and Challenges - Shuhan C. Wang, Chinese Early Language Immersion Network; Joy Peyton, Chinese Early Language Immersion Network

Key Features of Successful Dual Language Programs: From Research & Practice to Implementation - Nenette Adelson-Rodriguez, San Diego County Office of Education

Ho'oulu 'Ia Nā Kumu Mauli Ola Hawai'i Hou: Preparing New Hawaiian Culturally-Proficient Teachers - Makalapua Alencastre, University of Hawai'i at Hilo

Making Instructional Language Comprehensible in a Language Immersive Environment - Ai-Chu Ding, Indiana University

The Other Half of the Equation: L1 English Preservice Teachers’ Language Awareness - Kristen Lindahl, University of Texas at San Antonio

Overview of Performance Assessment Results in the Utah Dual Language Immersion Programs - Fernando Rubio, University of Utah

Adapting the IPA Instructional Cycle to Inform Program Articulation Across Grade Levels - Stacey VandenBosch, add.a. lingua; Mandy R. Menke, Grand Valley State University

Promote Your Program! Privilege Your Language! - Lynn Fulton-Archer and Angie Toth, Delaware Department of Education

Embracing and Encouraging Cross-Cultural Competence Through School Partnering Projects - Ofelia Wade, Utah State Office of Education; Raúl Martin, Lidia Ordaz and Nathan Mccleery, Canyons School District, UT; José Manuel Caballero, Programa Bilingüe Ucetam PBU

Early Immersion in Germany: A European Perspective - Henning Wode, Kiel University

Bringing a Program to Life - Diana Marie Torres and Benedicta Guzman, South Dover Elementary

The Best of Both Worlds: Scaffolding an Authentic Literacy Program for Dual Language Immersion - Jamie Leite, Utah State Office of Education; Lili Bueno, Provo School District; Silvia Juhas, Aymará Educação e Tecnologia Envoy

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