Conference Presentations - Friday Afternoon

3:40 - 4:30 pm

Introduction and User Experience Report of the Immersion Chinese Teaching Material - Beijing Language & Culture University

Effective Strategies for Promoting Socioemotional Development and Cross-Cultural Competence Through Immersion Education - Abel McClennen, La Paz Community School; Elizabeth R. Howard, University of Connecticut

English-Medium Instruction: What Do Korean Professors Know? - Jaehan Park, Indiana University

Advocacy and French Immersion Policy in New Brunswick, Canada - Paula Kristmanson and Joseph Dicks, University of New Brunswick

Telecollaboration: A Rising Star in Dual Language Elementary Education - Lidia Lemus, University of Pennsylvania

Towards Integration Through Collaboration and Collaboration Through Integration: A Conceptual Framework for Immersion-CLIL Teacher Collaborative Partnership Co-Construction - Mary Chopey-Paquet, University of Aberdeen

The Bilingual Program of the Region of Madrid (Spain). Experience and Results of the Implementation of Effective Policies Which Improve Education - Carmen Aguilera, Regional Government of Madrid

Dipping Our Toes Into The Integrated Performance Assessment - Alexander Giraldo Poveda, Robert Frost Elementary; Stephanie J.Owen-Lyons, University of Minnesota

Leave the Politics: Bring on the Engagement: Engaging Parents to Advocate for Your Mandarin Language Program - Luyi Lien, Yinghua Academy; Michelle Medved, Deer Valley Unified School District; Helen Yung, Better Chinese LLC

The Unique Role of Dual Immersion Principals: Ramifications for Principal Professional Development - Ryan Rocque, Brigham Young University

Assessing Language Proficiency and Content Knowledge in Mandarin Two-Way Programs - Amado Padilla, Lorraine Fan, and Duarte Silva, Stanford University; Xiaoqiu Xu, Pearson Knowledge Technologies

Around the Word Wall - Angie Toth and Lynn Fulton-Archer, Delaware Deptartment of Education

Advocacy Swap Shop - Ruta Couet, South Carolina Department of Education

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