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Bridge Program- Advanced Language Pathway


The Bridge Program offers an advanced language pathway for high school students who have passed the Advanced Placement (AP) Language and Culture Exam, "bridging" the gap between completion of the exam and higher education.

Students begin upper division university language course work in the high school setting, where each 3-credit college course extends over a full academic year of high school. This rigorous and supportive environment establishes a university and career pathway in two languages, and seeks to promote access to bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural citizenship in Utah.



Bridge Program Goals

           1.  Advanced Language Proficiency: Click HERE for K-12 Proficiency Targets.
           2.  Advanced Cultural Competencies:
                 - Promoting bilingual, multicultural citizenship
                 - Promoting opportunitiies for native and heritage language student to maintain and build language skills
           3.  Career and College pathways:
                 - K-12 Courses: HS graduates of the DLI/Bridge Program leave high school "Career and College Ready" in 2 languages.                                                                                 DLI/Bridge Secondary Pathway Document

                 - K-16 Courses: All Bridge Program courses are accepted toward a minor/major language degree pathway at Utah's 4-year universities + option                               for Bachelor's Degree in career of the student's choice. University Major/Minor Degree Options


Three Pathways to Bridge Program Enrollment
Elementary Start LanguageElementary Start Language
Secondary Start LanguageSecondary Start Language

   Home & Heritage Language foundation



Last Updated: 4/17/24