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Annual Administrative Deadlines 

Event Date

Recruitment and Info Sessions: 

  • Bridge Instructors visit feeder DLI5 and AP classes briefly; meet and welcome students, and share, “Why enroll in Bridge”? Share topics and projects of next year’s course. 

(Optional: also visit feeder English Learner and Heritage Language classes if offered in your school and language.) 

  • JH/MS and HS hold Parent Night – Describe the secondary pathway, courses, and “why” continue in language study in middle and high school. 
Oct. 15-31
Nov. 1-30
2023 Early Enrollment Report(Excel Spreadsheet)
  • ALL DATA COMPILED AND REPORTED from feeder classes on Early Enrollment Report spreadsheet
  • SECTION NUMBER request completed and CONFIRMED by HS PRINCIPAL before form is submitted

DUE  Dec. 1-7 

University Department of Languages sends SCHEDULE REQUEST to HS Principal (Jan-Feb); HS Principal must respond to confirm or request critical changes within 1 week.


  1. Adheres to the agreed on section number and schedule.
  2. Contains a co-planning prep period before or after Bridge course instructional period(s)


Check AP test scores for incoming students who committed to enroll in next year’s Bridge course 

Typically 2nd week of July

Bridge Course Prerequisite Confirmation Report due to partner university CE Director 

July 7-31

Administrative Supports for the Bridge Program

1. Bridge Program November Early Enrollment Procedure 
2. Student Early Enrollment Commitment Form
3. Bridge Program Parent Flyer (English/Spanish)
4. Admin Early Enrollment Report (Excel)
5. Utah Bridge Program STATE ASSURANCES Document

 Please note: Submissions after Dec. 1-7 of the Early Enrollment Report may result in the inability of your partner institution to staff sections of the course. Please collect and be able to provide evidence of Student Commitment and Early Enrollment Form.

Last Updated: 10/26/23