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Department of Languages Advisor

Name: Olivia Davis, Academic Advisor





Academic Advising, Chinese

B.A. in Chinese

B.A. & Masters in Asian Studies. Click here

Academic Advising, French

B.A. in French 

B.A. in French Teaching

Masters in French

Academic Advising, Spanish

B.A. in Spanish

B.A. in Spanish Teaching

Masters in Spanish

B.A. & Master’s in Latin American Studies. Click here


Site for Foreign Language Scholarships




CLAC: Cultures & Languages Across the Curriculum- apply your proficiency in a second language or home language to the study of academic content in fields such as Art History, Communication, History, Marketing, Sociology, Anthropology, and Political Science.

  • Courses offered in Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Russian (plus Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese)
  • Please look for current CLAC course offerings, which change every semester:

Examples: Courses offered Spring 2019

  • Spanish: ANTH1010 Culture and the Human Experience, BIOL3250 Rainforest Ecology, BUS3850 Government & Politics of Mexico, ENVST2050 Intro: Environmental and Sustainability Science, HIST1310 Latin Am Civilization to the 1920s, MUSIC3600 World Music, NUTR3620 Cultural Aspects of Food, PHIL2010 Intro: Survey of philosophy español. Chinese: HIST3910 History of Science in Asia


Note: Grades on upper division courses must be a “C” or higher to count toward a minor or major.




Last Updated: 4/16/20