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Utah Bridge Students Among Winners in Salt Lake County 2022 Teen Health Film Festival


At the 4th Annual Salt Lake County Health Department Teen Health Short Film Festival two Spanish Bridge Students won 2nd and 3rd place awards in the Upper Division Category, for their films on the theme of "Stories of Resilience".

Congratulations to the winners!

2nd place– Off -Rebecca LLontop
3rd place– Amigo Feliz – Jesus Solano Cano

About the film festival: Salt Lake County youth were invited, from grades 7–12,  to participate in thefilm festival by creating a 30–60-second original short film discussing how they or those around them have shown resilience in the following topics: Mental Health, Physical Health or Social Health.

Mental Health – Being aware and taking care of our mental health has never been a bigger priority. Mental health and wellness are important at every stage of life, but mental health challenges affect millions of people every year. While the pandemic added new stressors for teens, it also brought the conversation of mental health to the forefront. (*Note: see RULES for safe messaging guidelines for media content related to mental health)

Physical Health – As a teen, your body is changing and evolving everyday. Physical health can look like building sustainable healthy habits for the rest of your life, which includes but isn’t limited to engaging in physical activity, eating healthy and nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, getting vaccinated, avoiding alcohol, drugs, e-cigarettes, vaping, and other tobacco products. (*Note: see RULES for safe messaging guidelines for media content related to physical health)

Social Health – Social Health is measured by the relationships and connections we share with others in the world around us. Good social health can look like; creating and setting boundaries, self-care, adapting to social situations, being engaged with others in your community, the ability to develop and maintain friendships, and having a supportive network of family and friends.

In years past the festival empowered middle and high school students to create and send a video-based message to their peers about the dangers of youth e-cigarette use. In providing this opportunity through evaluation efforts we found that 78% of teens perception of e-cigarettes changed. 


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Last Updated: 10/26/23