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Quentin Zuttion, a Parisian Author Met With Utah Bridge Students

A French author in residence in Utah!

Quentin Zuttion, a Parisian author in residence in Utah, met students in three different high schools (Brighton, Corner Canyon, and Timpview) to present his work (comic books and films), and inquire about Prom (Prom Queen and King and Promposal) with students, topic of his residency in the USA.
The residency is sponsored by the Villa Albertine, the new institution launched by the French Embassy and the Cultural Services. Several students volunteered to be interviewed by Quentin and may be featured in his next exhibit in Paris in 2023-2024, and/or appear in his future comic books. What a nice way to conclude the school year!
Quentin Zuttion with "Timpview's Prom Queen in 2070"
Mme Tocaven, (University of Utah French Bridge Instructor), Quentin Zuttion, and Prof. Lair at Corner Canyon High School


Last Updated: 10/26/23