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Jane F Hacking PhD


Director, L2TReC


Jane F. Hacking

801-581-6688 LNCO 1930

Education: Ph.D., 1993, University of Toronto

Interests: L2 Russian; L2 Phonology; Dual Language Immersion; Language Proficiency.

Catherine Scott


Associate Director, Administration

Catherine Scott

Associate Director, Administration
801-585-9438 LNCO 1930

Education: B.A., International Relations, San Francisco State University.

Interests: She has held university administrative roles (UC Berkley, University of Pittsburgh and the University of Utah) for over twenty-five years and has managed federal grants for the last 15 years. She oversees L2TReC's grant activities and manages the day-to-day operations of the Center. 

Lissie Ah Yen


Program Coordinator, Administration & Associate Instructor, Samoan

Lissie Ah Yen

Coordinator, Administrative Program 
801-581-7570 | LNCO 1930

Education: B.S., Information Systems, Brigham Young University Hawaii.

Interests/Hobbies: Before joining the center Lissie served as the Administrative Assistant to the Dean and Chair of College of Human Development and School of Education at the Brigham Young University Hawaii for 7 years. 

  • Culture
  • Language
  • Community Involvement
  • Event Management
  • Designer
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Baking
  • Sewing
  • Photography
Elnaz Kia


Research Associate - Postdoctoral 

Elnaz Kia

Research Associate - Postdoctoral                    801-585-0325 | LNCO 1930B

Education: Ph.D., Applied Linguistics, Northern Arizona University

Interests: Corpus Linguistics, Learner Corpus Research, Corpus-Informed Pedagogy, Teacher Training, Corpus Pragmatics

Elnaz oversees the development and maintenance of L2TReC's multilingual spoken and written corpora. Tasked with training and supervising graduate research assistants, she ensures the accurate transcription and tagging of multilingual corpus samples. In addition to her research role, Elnaz creates practical corpus-based language teaching materials and conducts educational webinars and workshops for teachers, effectively bridging the gap between corpus research and classroom application.

Jill Landes-Lee


State Director, Utah Bridge Program

Jill Landes-Lee

State Director, Bridge Program
801-585-2682| LNCO 1930

Education: B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.A., Ed.D., University of Utah.

Interests:  K-20 pathways for dual language immersion (DLI) and Heritage language students; Effects of DLI on college readiness, college access & postsecondary achievement.

She serves on the executive board for the Southwest States Association for Language Teachers (SWCOLT) and the state board for Utah Foreign Language Teaching Association (UFLA).

Johanna Watzinger Tharp PhD


Research Coordinator, Dual Language Immersion (DLI)

Johanna Watzinger-Tharp

Associate Professor, Linguistics
801-585-7148 LNCO 1930

Education: M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin.

Interests: L2 methodology and teacher education, variation in German; effects of dual language immersion education on academic achievement.

She serves as the co-chair of Utah’s World Language Council.

Anne Lair PhD


Director of Curriculum & Coordinator,  French Bridge Program

Anne Lair

Professor/Lecturer, French-World Languages and Cultures
01-581-7534 LNCO 1930

Education: Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Interests: Teacher training, bilingualism, proficiency, interculturality, teaching of culture, pedagogy, and symbolism of food.

Recipient of the 2020 AATF Dorothy Ludwig Excellence in Teaching Award at the Post-Secondary level. She has been accredited as the Honorary Consul of France in Utah since 2017 and was recognized as Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques in May 2017. Anne serves on the board of directors of the Language Connects Foundation (ACTFL).



Director of Curriculum & Coordinator, Chinese Bridge Program 

Shin Chi Fame Kao

Director of Curriculum & CoordinatorChinese Bridge Program
801-585-0988 | LNCO 1930

Education: B.S., National Cheng-Chi University, Taiwan; M.Sc., University of Strathclyde, U.K.; Ed.D, University of Utah

Interests:Immersion education; professional development and support for educators; second language pedagogy; Chinese languag and cultures; Chinese language proficiency assessment.

Possessing K-12 credentials in both Utah and California, she brings over 23 years of teaching experience in K-12 schools, along with diverse administrative roles in both states. She has served as a reader for the AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam for the College Board and has been an ACTFL-certified Oral Proficiency Interview tester in Chinese for many years. Notably, she was honored with the 2021 Outstanding Chinese Teacher Award from the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS).


Keri Gonzalez


Director of Curriculum & CoordinatorSpanish Bridge Program  

Keri Gonzalez 

Director of Curriculum & CoordinatorSpanish Bridge Program
LNCO 1930

Education: Ph.D., University of Utah

Interests: Literature, languages and cultures, second language acquisition, educators’ professional development and support, curriculum development, and creative writing.


Director of Curriculum & Coordinator, Portuguese Bridge Program

Blair Bateman

Director of Curriculum & CoordinatorPortuguese Bridge Program
LNCO 1216                

Education: B.A and M.A., Brigham Young University; Ph.D., University of Minnesota 

Interests: Language pedagogy; Portuguese language and cultures; teacher education; teaching of culture; immersion education

Before joining L2TReC, Professor Bateman worked for 19 years as a Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Pedagogy at Brigham Young University. He is the recipient of the Benjamin Cluff Award for Excellence in Teacher Education and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Utah Foreign Language Association, where he served as president from 2020-2021.


 Coordinator, Chinese Bridge Program

Marty Chen

Coordinator, Associate Instructor
801-587-8554 LNCO 1930

Education: MEd

Interests: Growing with students. Trying and learning new things.


 CoordinatorSpanish Bridge Program

Coordinator, Northern French, German and Portuguese Bridge Program

Katie Marin

Education: B.A. and Masters of Second Language Teaching from Utah State University, Utah Secondary Teaching License

Interests: Dual language immersion, languages and cultures, second language acquisition, early college access, educator's professional development and support, language pathways

As part of this progressive program, Katie has worked hard to strengthen the partnership between Utah State University and the Utah Bridge Program through L2TReC at the University of Utah.  She has worked with the Dual Language Immersion Program since 2017 through Weber State University, the University of Utah and Utah State University in 10 different schools across 6 different school districts throughout Utah. She teaches with a very talented team of teachers in the Bridge co-teaching model at several high schools across Utah as well as supporting instructors in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish in their Bridge Program positions. Her passion for language learning and knowledge of the program are valuable to its continuation and success.


He De

Coordinator, Regional Bridge Program

 He De

Regional Bridge Program Coordinator  
LNCO 1930                            

Education:  MEd, Southern Utah University

Interests:  Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Dual Language Education. K-16 Pathway for Dual Language Students.


Raquel Nixon

Program Assistant

Raquel Nixon

Program Assistant LNCO 1930

Education: B.A., Weber State University

Interests: Writing, communication, language, culture and music. 








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