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The resources found here are designed to support world language faculty and instructors in high school to higher ed classrooms with strategies and resources for teaching world languages in an online format. They were designed specifically to support instructors who follow a task-based, proficiency-oriented approach of language instruction. 

Topics include:

  • general principles of online language teaching and online course design
  • tools to teach grammar and vocabulary
  • recommendations to engage students with the target language in interactive and communicative activities.

Each section includes short videos, powerpoint slides and assignments to engage you in developing your own approach to online or blended language instruction.  Go at your own pace and take the time to engage with the materials and complete the assignments.  These resources were originally developed for a two week workshop series.

If you are new to teaching online or in a setting that mixes online and in-person instruction, otherwise referred to as a blended classroom, we suggest you explore these resources in the order that they appear. 

You can also engage with these resources with colleagues as a department or unit as a workshop or “do-it-yourself” professional development experience.  Look out for some explicit guidance on this in the "How to Create Your Own Online Workshop" section and throughout the sections.    

We hope these resources are useful.  Please share what you’ve learned.

Thanks to Alba Girons Masot and the staff at L2TReC for developing the content of these resources.  Best of luck!

Last Updated: 4/20/21