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project based learning Workshop - Gallery

This onsite, five-day institute for Project-Based Learning (PBL) was designed for world language educators to generate project ideas. During the Institute, participants fleshed out their ideas for a project design they had already subjected to critique.

The summer institute was held remotely at the University of Utah, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was co-sponsored and co-organized by L2TReC and the National Foreign Language Resource Center.

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Above is a collection of infographics that were created during or subsequent to the workshop that represent the following learning outcomes:

  • develop and outline a contextualized project-based language learning task
  • foster language proficiency development through appropriate communicative eventsembedded in project-based language learning experiences
  • employ effective scaffolding strategies for language, content, interactions, process, product, and use of technology
  • design and implement effective assessments for project-based tasks
  • use appropriate technology for supporting project-based language learning, for:
    • locating project partners and culturally authentic materials
    • gathering relevant content-relatedresources
    • facilitating student collaborationand engaging learners in communicating with communities of target language speakers
    • providing formative feedback
    • sharing student work with authentic audiences
    • supporting professional growth


Last Updated: 1/19/21