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Summer Language Teacher Workshops

July 27-30, 2015 
LNCO Building, University of Utah
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French & Francophone Studies in Cultural Context  

by Dr. Anne Lair and Dr. Jeanine Alesch 

In this workshop, two of our local expert professors in French Studies will help teachers gain confidence and knowledge about important aspects of French and Francophone culture, literature, and written and oral expression.  Dr. Lair will open the week with some language classroom foundation lessons and then will move on to expressing oneself correctly in French, writing and orally. This will set up the base for our workshop! She will also share some techniques on the teaching of culture and how to start a class session with culture.
Dr. Alesch will show how to implement team-based learning in 1st-year French and will demonstrate its success. Also, based on the book Stallone, she will demonstrate how this short book can be used at any level through some teaching techniques. 
Participants will improve their ability to interpret a variety of cultural, and historical texts, and learn how these materials and resources will be of use in their classrooms.



Sugar, Soccer and Smokes: Re-thinking Caribbean,Latin American
and Spanish Identities Through Cultural Production

by Dr. Gema Guevara and Dr. Gary Atwood 

The goal of this workshop is to study the cultural significance of food, dance and material culture in Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain beyond the idea of the exotic. Professor Guevara will explore how sugar and tobacco transformed not only the labor force in the Caribbean, but the culinary tastes of Europe. Professor Atwood will explore tactical deployments of bullfighting, soccer, flamenco and zarzuela that seek to create symbols of a unified, purportedly “coherent” Spanish identity and to attract tourism. We will review poetry, material culture, short films, photography, short story and essay. 


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