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Reaching the Advanced Level of Language Proficiency

A workshop for Flagship and Project GO instructors

 Join us this summer for a 5-day workshop specifically designed to meet the needs of faculty teaching in Flagship and Project GO programs. The workshop has two main objectives:

• To familiarize teachers with instruction targeting the Advanced level in the three modes of communication
• To guide instructors through the design and implementation of Integrated Performance Assessments (IPA) at the Advanced level

At the end of the workshop, participants will design Advanced-level assessment tools that integrate the three modes of communication and will demonstrate the application of an end-of-unit performance assessment.

Travel, housing and meal expenses will be covered for participants associated with a Flagship or Project GO institution.
Space is limited to 25 participants. Non-Flagship and non-Project GO instructors will be accepted based on space availability.   

Please apply online via the link below

The application process requires that you upload the following documents:

1. Curriculum Vitae.
2. A one page statement of purpose (maximum of 300 words) that indicates how this workshop is relevant to you and your institution and the subsequent impact of this workshop on your teaching and institution.
In addition to these two uploaded documents, you will need a letter of support from your director.  Please ask your director to send your support letter to by the April 29, 2016 deadline.

Click here to upload your application documents.


Jennifer Bown (Brigham Young University)

Dr. Bown is Associate Professor of Russian in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages at Brigham Young University. Her research interests include second language acquisition, teacher development and pragmatics and discourse analysis. She is the co-author of Teaching advanced language skills through debate, published by Georgetown University Press in 2015.

Cynthia Ning (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

Dr. Ning is Associate Director of the Center for Chinese Studies and Director of the Confucius Institute at the U of Hawaii at Manoa. Her research interests include Chinese language pedagogy and materials development, Chinese comic literature, and Chinese film. She regularly conducts teacher training classes for secondary and post-secondary levels on performance-based language testing and training.

Fernando Rubio (University of Utah)

Dr. Rubio is Associate professor of Spanish Linguistics and Co-Director of the Second Language Teaching and Research Center at the University of Utah, where he also serves as Director for Online Curriculum Enhancement and Innovation. His main areas of research are second language acquisition, language pedagogy and technology-enhanced language teaching

Sonia Shiri (University of Arizona)

Dr. Shiri is Assistant Professor, Middle East Language Programs Coordinator and Academic Director of the Arabic Flagship Program at the University of Arizona. Her research interests include, among others, language pedagogy, distance learning, CALL, blended learning, critical discourse analysis, heritage language development and maintenance, and language contact and language conflict.

Johanna Watzinger-Tharp (University of Utah)

Dr. Watzinger-Tharp is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics & German at the University of Utah, where she is also the director of the International Studies Program and Senior Advisor to the Office for Global Engagement. Her research interests are L2 methodology and curriculum, immersion education, and language variation. In 2010 she received the ACTFL-NYSAFLT Anthony Papalia Award for Excellence in Teacher Education.


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