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The workshop is at full capacity. Please email if you wish to be added to the wait list.


Save the date French Language Workshop 2020

French Language Workshop for K-12 Teachers

The workshop may take place remotely, still allowing collaboration and oral communication among all participants.

Dr. Anne V. Lair (University of Utah) and Mme Michèle Harward (Canyons School District) will address Intercultural Standards, Literacy, Integrated Assessment and, last but not least, the role of grammar towards Proficiency.

Throughout the workshop, participants will produce activities and lesson plans including 1) the ACTFL/NCSSFL Intercultural Communication Guidelines, 2) Literacy via the FLLITE approach, and 3) the IPAs.  Attendees will practice how to teach grammar explicitly.

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July 28 - 31, 2020

Workshop fee: $95

Participants have the option of signing up for 2 graduate-level credits of FRNCH 6900 for an additional $50 OR may receive 2 credits through MIDAS course number 58006.

The Summer Teacher Workshops are university content workshops, taught in the target language, for all K-12 language teachers. Workshops are designed for adults to engage in deeper cultural learning and in language practice.

Co-Sponsored by L2TReC


and The Department of World Languages and Cultures


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