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L2TReC's Fernando Rubio and Jill Landes-Lee Invited as Panelists at JNCL's June 2021 Conversation Series

Continuing Conversation Series: Innovative Initiatives for Sustaining and Growing Language Programs in Higher Education

The last two MLA reports on enrollments in languages other than English in higher education (2013 and 2016), show an overall drop in enrollments. However, the reports also point to areas of stability and even growth across languages and levels. This panel will discuss the possible causes of the general decline as well as the ways in which, as a profession, we can help reverse this downward trend focusing on advocacy, innovative curricula, and better articulation.  

This event is free of charge to all language advocates! Please consider supporting the next 40 years of language advocacy by making a donation of $40.  

Last Updated: 6/17/21