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Workshop for K-12 Teachers

Date: July 25-28, 2023

Location: Room 1945, Language and Communications Building, University of Utah

Parking:Lassonde Lot

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Jacqueline Sheean, Assistant Professor, Department of World Languages and Cultures

Day 1-2: Teaching Film in the Language Classroom

This two-day workshop will focus on teaching film in Spanish language classrooms. The goals of our workshop are two-fold: we will consider how cinema may support learning objectives related to cultural competency and language learning at the intermediate level while also working to advance students’ multimedia literacy. We will review the basics of cinematic form in order to develop frameworks of analysis that incorporate an understanding of film as a visual language. After examining questions of genre, content, and style, we will review strategies for the pedagogical applications of film analysis and develop assignments and activities that focus on cinema’s unique power to represent cultural identity and social change. The workshop will include case studies with age-appropriate materials.

Gary L. Atwood-MéndezAssistant Professor (Lecturer), Department of World Languages and Cultures

Day 3-4: The Use of Poetry and Short Fiction in the Spanish L2 classroom: In this workshop we will consider the benefits and difficulties of using poetry and short stories in the Spanish language classroom. We will examine how the incorporation of these literary genres can help to create project-oriented tasks in which students expand both their active and incidental vocabularies, learn to recognize and use new grammatical structures and, most importantly, begin to use and play with the language in creative ways—including writing their own short creative texts. We will look at the basic formal aspects of poetry and short story and literature about their use in the classroom, and we will consider some concrete examples of texts that could be used in an intermediate classroom. Finally, participants will work together to come up with assignments and projects based on the readings.

Spanish Teacher Workshop

Workshop fee: $95

REQUIRED: Register here

Participants have the option of signing up for 2 graduate-level credits of SPAN 6900 for an additional $50 OR may receive 2 credits through MIDAS course #62615. All participants must register with L2TReC even if opting for MIDAS credits.


The workshop is open to all K12 teachers.

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