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Friday 10:05-10:55
Help me train my DLI teachers: Transferring best practices to the classroom (Ofelia Wade, Raúl Martín, Diego Benites)
 Arabic Dual Language Immersion: A research study of 4 programs (Carine Allaf, Omar Tarabishi, Gregg Roberts)
From culture to proficiency: Expanding students language skills (Anne Lair, Maribel Luengo)
Dual language education as an educational lifeline to achievement, and shared liberation (Alexandra Guilamo)
State-certified World Language Immersion Status (one and two-way) (Terri Hammat, Michelle Haj Broussard)
E-portfolio-based language learning and assessment in immersion teacher professional development: Critical reflection, strategic thinking and independent action (T.J. Ó Ceallaigh, Karen Ní Chlochasaigh)
Effective Partner Collaboration in a DLI Two-Teacher Model (Lois Simpson, Shauna Winegar)
Federal policy and national advocacy efforts to effect change(Amanda Seewald)
How to Make Critical Consciousness the Fourth Goal of Dual Language Bilingual Education (Garrett Delavan, Juan A. Freire)
Leveraging State Resources to Enhance & Expand DL/I Programs (Ann Marie Gunter, Ivanna Mann Thrower Anderson) 
Additive Trilingualism in Portuguese Dual Language Immersion (Jamie Leite, Johanna Watzinger-Tharp)
Tensions between equity and elitism for local scholarship students in an International Dual Language School (Elizabeth Howard, Sandra Silva-Enos, Erin Whiting, Erika Feinauer)
Estrategias de Be GLAD® para el desarrollo de lenguaje oral (Laura Díaz)
Hawaiian Cultural Identity Teacher Preparation for Hawaiian Language Medium-Immersion Schooling
 (Kananinohea Mākaʻimoku)

Friday 11:05-11:55

Designing Experiential Learning in Immersion Classrooms (Brigid Burke)

The magic wand of a dual-language immersion teacher: A year of practices and growth in a French kindergarten class (Frederique Grim)
 Counterbalance in action in immersion classrooms in Utah (Silvia Juhas, Elaine "Lily" Bueno)
Educating, Engaging, and Empowering DLI Parents and Families: Materials and Resources for families and parent educators (Maureen Curran-Dorsano, Diane Tedick)
Research to Practice: Utilizing new research on college readiness of high school immersion pathway students to design school-level policies and supports for historically underrepresented populations in higher education (Jill Landes-Lee, Ryan Wells)
The DLI journey continues—Lessons learned (Jamie McBride, Tony Smith, Diane Hale)
Facing challenges on implementing an Immersion Program in a Public High School (Pedro Lopez-Chaves)
Grow Your Own Teachers: What Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia is doing to create a sustainable teacher pipeline (Jon Valentine, Virin Vedder)
Developing Phonological Awareness in Spanish (Heggerty)
Fulfilling the Promise
of Dual Language Immersion: Transitioning Your Elementary Program to Secondary (Kris Nicholls)
Achievement through Immersion: The Louisiana Lagniappe (Michele Braud, Melissa Monroe)
Finding Equilibrium in Counter Balanced Literacy (Rebecca Hall, Marti West)

Friday 2:00-2:50
DLI as a Policy Solution: the Tooele School District story (Brandee Mau)
The Transformational Power of Assessing Language Proficiency One Teacher Found That Drives Her Curriculum and Doesn't Drive Her Crazy (Desiree Weser)
Teach it right!: DLI pedagogy in successful K-9 programs. (Natziely Torres, Leo Valladares)
Disrupting Dual Language Immersion with American Sign Language! (Giuliana Brink)

Using common program standards to evaluate the extent to which dual language and immersion programs support student attainment of bilingual proficiency/biliteracy and cultural competency at no cost to academic achievement (Stacey Vanden Bosch, Lilah Ambrosi)

Handout: Using common program...

Outcomes on Dual Language Immersion: Ranges, Implications and Feedback for Teaching and Learning (Celia Chomon Zamora, Meg Malone)
Redesigning secondary Spanish immersion materials for content and language integration: A materials perspective on immersion teacher education (Corinne Mathieu)
Science of Reading, as it relates to the Bilingual/Dual Language classroom (Pacific Learning)
English learner L1, TL, and academic development in ESL and TWI : A three year K-2 study (Michelle Haj-Broussard, Melissa Gallagher)
Co-Planning for Success: Coordinating Instruction across Languages in a Dual Language Program (Elizabeth Howard, Shera Simpson)
Why and how French Dual Language Immersion ? How can administrators and educators take advantage of the support offerred by the French Embassy to develop French DLI in the USA (Nelson Lepicouche)
Maximizing Oral Production in the Immersion Classroom (Julie Yankowitz, Raina Gilchrist)
Preparing New Dual Immersion Teachers for Success Throughout the School Year (Coaching & Mentoring Part 1 & 2) (Sharon Gracia, Kerrie Neu, Granite District DLI Team)
Universities and their influence on Dual Language/Immersion Education program expansion in North Carolina (Marjorie Campo Ringler, Joan Lachance)
Friday 3:00-3:50
Focusing the DLI Lens:  How one teacher prep program equips teachers in content and language integration (Stephanie Owen, Alex Giraldo)
Word Study and Writing Games in the Dual Language Classroom (Molly Richey and Laura Díaz)
The use of language learning progressions to chart the development of bilingual oral skills (Ève Ryan, Alison Bailey, Clemence Darriet, Michelle Luna)
Defining one's identity and culture through World History in 6th grade (Emmanuel Collins-Peynaud)
Educational outreach programs of the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain (Jesús Fernández González, Rodrigo Hidalgo García)
Language Integration in the Classroom: How to save time and impact learning (Angela Hernandez)
Dual Language Start Up: Essential Actions in Years 1-3 (Alexandra Guilamo)
Preparing Dual Language Immersion Teachers and Administrators for Classroom Realities (Beatrix Preusse-Burr)
Using Interactive Read Aloud to Develop Language and Support Thinking about Reading in the Target Language (Nicole Sanchez)
Focus on global issues (UNESCO SDGs) in the immersion classroom (Amanda Seewald)
DLI & Equitable Access to Language Education: The “America’s Languages Initiative" (Richard Domenick Brecht, Gregg Roberts)
New and Innovative Resources for teaching Oral Communication Through Play (Carole Freynet-Gagné, AHA Learning/Apprentissage Illimité)
Using Proficiency Rubrics in the DLI Classroom So Your Teaching Can Shine (Francisco Castillo, Jose Fedriani, Laura Roché Youngworth)
National Dual Language Education Teacher Preparation Standards (David Rogers)

Friday 4:00-4:50
Translanguaging as Pedagogy in DLI Programs: Potentiality, Implementation and Caution (Nuo Xu, Verónica Valdez)
Moving from Intermediate to Advanced: Project-based Learning and IPA in the Chinese Bridge Classroom (Shin Chi Fame Kao, Dori Huang)
Literature Discussion Circles in Dual Language Spanish Immersion Middle School Classrooms (Ana Richter, Antonio Amores Ortiz)
Chaqueta? Chamarra? Campera? Casaca? Chompa? Honoring Student’ Vernacular Spanish as a Promoter of Critical Consciousness (Erika Feinauer, Juan A. Freire)
Lead with Culture in Every Lesson (Valerie Sun, Anne Lair)
Transformación: The evolution and development of a national network of two-way immersion schools (Martin Scanlan, Elizabeth Howard)
Negotiating and embracing teacher linguistic agency in a dual language bilingual education classroom (Ester de Jong, Katherine Barko-Alva)

Nurturing Bilingualism Through Community-driven Cultural Travel Exchanges (Shauna Winegar, Brian Higginbotham, Derek Beer, John Anderson)

Supporting the larger multi-racial community heritage – A multilingual approach from a native Hawaiian language medium school (William Wilson)
Utah DLI History, Culture and Media: creative classroom practices and projects based on an inspirational curriculum.  (Javier Berzal Rojo)
Secondary immersion teacher development as a process of identity transformation (T. J. Ó Ceallaigh, Muiris Ó Laoire, Máire Uí Chonghaile)
Middle School Medley in DLI Education (Maria Cristina Ladas, Lynn Fulton-Archer, Karl Bowman, Michael Bacon, Jon Valentine, Nick Blight)

Saturday 10:05-10:55
“Making languages our business” to better advocate for language education (Howie Berman)
School leadership envisions cross-cultural competency at one two-way immersion school in Costa Rica (Erika Feinauer, Erin Whiting, Elizabeth Howard)
Challenges and triumphs of Middle School Language Immersion - One district's story (Amanda Seewald, Francesco Fratto, Katherine Kirschner)
I'm All Ears: Utilizing Authentic Read-Alouds- A New Application of TPRS (Najah Hijazi)
Developing Bi-literacy and Bi-lingualism in Arabic Dual Language Program at Los Angeles Unified School District (Mohcine Zaidi, Arwa Gharaibeh)
Let Me Tell You A Story!  Using proficiency assessment and data to tell the story of your program’s successes, support your team, and motivate students (Bonnie Peterson)
What is the Best Dual Language Model for my Students? A Research-Based Presentation (Garret Delavan, Juan A. Freire)
Immersion teacher preparation and development in Ireland: An overview of policies, programmes and practices (T. J. Ó Ceallaigh,Madeleine Ní Ghallchobhair)
Effective strategies to teach a second language in a DLI classroom (Elizabeth Robles Saldana)
Supports for Sustaining Dual Immersion Programs at the Secondary Level (Ellie Gallagher, Eric Campbell)
Grit and Humor, Starting Small - Paving the Way for a Successful DLI Program Launch (Bettina Staudt)
Instructional practices in pilot dual language immersion programs (Vesna Dimitrieska)
Hold them accountable!: Tools to evaluate proficiency in K-9 DLI (Nick Blight, Leo Valladares, Lucia Rubio)

Saturday 11:05-11:55
Results from a National Survey of Partner Teachers in Mandarin Immersion Programs (Sean Hill)
Project-based Learning Strategies Applied to AP and Bridge class in DLI program (Wei Wei, Hsiumei Pitts)
Dual Language Digital Badging: The Future in Teacher Preparation Programs (Laura Monroe)
It Takes a Village: Fostering Global Communication for All Learners (Jennifer Quinlan, Leonardo Islas)
Unveiling Research-Based Rubrics for Supporting DLI Teacher Preparation and Development (Diane Tedick, Corrine Mathieu)
Fast Track Students with Vista Level Spanish to Sustain and Evaluate Reading Proficiency (Maria M. Torres)
Language use patterns in a secondary dual language immersion class: Opportunities and uptake (Lauren Truman)
Parents' Perceptions of Chinese Immersion Programs in the United States (Xinming Ren)
Russian DLI: Promising results from 3rd grade AAPPL assessments (Brandee Mau, Jane Hacking)
Early Literacy in the Target Language: a Work of Partnership (Raquel Zanella Lereno Scariot)
Designing Professional Learning for Immersion Teachers: Supporting Growth and Development in Language Immersion Programs (Raina Gilchrist, Angela Hernandez)
Making RTI Work for Emergent Bilinguals in Bilingual or Dual Language Immersion Programs (Maria Ruiz, Michelle Haj-Broussard)
Native American Language Medium Education – Federal Legal Supports That Need Attention To Expand Native American Dual Language Education (William Wilson)

Saturday 12:05-12:55
Triangulating project-based learning, Performance Indicators for Language and Culture, and counterbalance instruction to design a culturally relevant and a critical thinking curriculum (Silvia Juhas, Shauna Winegar, Ivian Boruchowski)
Writing and Enacting Language Objectives: Pre-service Dual Language and Immersion Teachers’ Experiences (Alex Giraldo)
PBLL: Using short films to activate language learning (Chantal Esquivias, Juan Carlos Fernandez, Ingrid Campos, Mike Kraniski)
Charting the Immersion Journey: Biliteracy and Intercultural Competence in Action (Beatrix Preusse, Allison Verich, Lisa Lopez, Yoko Linam)
Finding Equity Through Collaborative Team Approaches (Kellie Jones, Michael Thomas, Kimberly Gibson, Debbie Zacarian, Lydia Breiseth)
Utah's Advanced Language Bridge Program: Program model and lessons learned after 6 years of implementation of university course work in the high school (Jill Landes-Lee, Shin Chi Fame Kao, Maribel Luengo, Anne Lair)
Building school community, fostering belonging, and enacting inclusion: Perspectives of students, teachers, and administrators in one culturally diverse international two-way immersion school in Costa Rica (Erin Whiting, Erika Feinauer)
A Twist on Advocacy: Community Partners, Parent Groups, Sister Cities, and More (Brandon Locke)
How to Deconstruct the Language Demand of Learning Targets (Ellie Gallagher, Eric Campbell, Garrick Peterson)
Instructional Support and Practices in Spanish and Mandarin Immersion Classrooms (Judy Ouyang, Vera Woolard)
Creating a culture that privileges and promotes high levels of proficiency in the minority language to foster bilingual identity development; Implementing the LIOPT (Stacey Vanden Bosch)
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