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step one

To get started with online teaching we have two tasks for this first step: record a brief video introducing yourself, and read the three articles linked below.  

  1. Recording a video

In order to introduce yourself to your students or colleagues, please record a video. Try using Flipgrid or any of the other video recording tools mentioned in the tools and reference section. You can use a Microsoft or Google account to sign in to Flipgrid. When finished, remember to upload the video onto your preferred learning management system i.e. Canvas, Blackboard etc...

In the video:

- introduce yourself; name, subjects you teach etc...

- share something that you enjoy doing;

- explain a concern or a tip that you have regarding teaching online. 

  1. Reading assignment

(“To access these articles you will be prompted to create a free account to The Chronicle of Higher Education or sign in with an existing account.”)

Teaching Online Will Make You a Better Teacher in Any Setting

5 Takaways From My Covid-19 Remote Teaching

5 Low-Tech, Time-Saving Ways to Teach Online During Covid-19


For your own workshop

In addition to these tasks you should each write a discussion question about the articles you read and post your discussion question onto the learning management system that you selected.  

  • Set a deadline for posting the videos and discussion questions.
  • Read each other's discussion questions.  
  • Schedule a meeting with your group via a video conferencing platform of your choice.
  • During the meeting: Introduce yourselves to each other

The facilitator should divide the group into small groups or breakout rooms of three to four participants. In the small groups discuss the questions that came up from the articles.  

Document your small group discussion by taking notes on a collaborative tool like a shared google doc or padlet. The facilitator should be be tasked with setting this up or you can take turns setting up the collaborative tools.

Last Updated: 4/20/21