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step two

Practice using a new collaborative tool like Padlet.  Refer to the “Tools and References” tab for some suggestions and tutorials.  

Here you can see and have access to the Padlet from this workshop. Padlet allows you to embed it on a webpage or LMS. You can also download: Padlet - tips for Zoom sessions.pdf


For your own workshop 

Set up a video conference meeting.  Divide into small groups of three of four participants.  During the small group meeting use the collaborative tool that you chose to have a real time discussion and notetaking session on the following topic: 

Tips for Synchronous Sessions.

Use these subject headings to guide your discussion, or come up with your own.  

  • Before the session
  • At the beginning of the session
  • During the session
  • Breakout Rooms
  • At the end of the session/How to end the session

When the meeting is over your group will have compiled a list of practices that can help guide you as you prepare for synchronous instruction in an online format.  Great work!

Last Updated: 4/20/21